The Northern Consort

The Northern Consort plays early music, ranging from early 17th to early 19th century music, using period instruments. Occasionally, the ensemble plays more recent repertoire. In the last ten years the ensemble has grown into a tight-knit group of musicians who thematically arrange their performance and take every effort to vividly present the music on stage in a modern fashion.
Besides singers and other soloists, a great many poets and writers, actors and other artists have co-operated with the ensemble, for example: Thomas Rosenboom, Marc Pantus, Terence Roe, , Random Collision, the Egidius Quartett, Jos van Veldhoven, and Paul Komen.

In its recitals, The Northern Consort has shown that they do not only play their music traditionally , but also looks for ways to incorporate other art forms. They also provide sparkling guest performances in some more mainstream musical concerts, such as accompanying well-established chamber choirs.

The Northern Consort will continue broadening their port-folio of innovative projects. New thematic programmes are being created, and fellow artists from various disciplines are joining forces with the ensemble in new and challenging harmony. The ensemble is based in the city of Groningen , but the ensemble performs all over The Netherlands and occasionally abroad as well. They participate in several festivals and concert series.

The number of musicians participating in a staging by The Northern Consort varies from four to twenty-five , depending on the repertoire. The ensemble comprises the two founder-members Hanneke Wierenga and Vincent van Ballegooijen, and a additional group of players who appear in most of the consort projects.

For bookings please contact our manager Jan Willem Rodenburg.